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You Never Know What A Day Will Bring

Romans: 8:28

"And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose."

For most of us, days are not just days. The calendar provides all of us with memories of weddings, births, anniversaries, and unfortunately deaths. Our minds will not let us forget these events that are etched in our hearts. Some days are treasured because they fill our hearts with memories of births, anniversaries, and accomplishments. Oftentimes, days bring us sadness, regret, and bitterness. Each year, as October 26th comes around, I remember my sister Lee. It is not that I do not think about her the other 364 days of the year, but on this day in 1988, Lee was murdered. For years, this day consumed me with tremendous grief and hatred. I dreaded turning the calendar page, as I knew that the 26th day of October was looming. This day in October would bring forth horrific memories, hatred for the man that killed her, and sadness of what I have lost.


As soon as I obeyed God and forgave the man that killed my sweet sister, God jumped in and did what He is famous for. He proved to me that His Word is always true!

Some 25 years after the death of Lee, on Sunday, October 26th as my family and I sat in church, my heart heavy from the day, my son Blake, at 7 years old, stood up, walked forward, and gave his precious life to Christ. The same day that my sister was called home to be with Jesus, my son gave his life to Christ. My tears of sadness immediately turned to thanksgiving for God's great gift of redemption. God used this day to remind me that He in fact does use everything to work together for my good because I love Him. God's divine intervention on this day changed my perspective and life forever.

Romans 8:28 was written for me. God's promises are for you too. If you have a day in your life that you dread, allow God to use it for good in your life, as he did in mine. Why? Because He loves you and wants you to have an abundant life indeed. Because we do not need to waste our time on earth being consumed with sadness and hatred. Obey Him today and you too will bear witness of His Word coming alive in your life, just as I did on the 26th day of October. God will not waste a hurt, He promises. As I grow older, some days still bring sadness as I mourn the life that Lee and I could have shared. The shopping trips, the family vacations, the memories we would have made together. However, more times than not, I now remember Lee with laughter as I reminisce of our precious time together. I will forever be thankful for the 18 years we had together and look forward to seeing her again in Heaven. Until then, I will live each day to the fullest, after all, you never know what a day will bring.

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